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Quality Management System



Quality of printed products depends on the great number of factors among which are the state of equipment, materials quality, personnel qualification, competent traffic control of all the processes. “Blitz-Print” from the very start of activities pays great attention to organization of the efficient quality control system. Our company was the first Ukrainian printing house to certificate its Quality Management System in accordance with the international standards of ISO 9001:2000.

Opened in 2001, the laboratory t is the important element of our quality control system. This division is in charge of the entrance control of all the materials (paper, inks, varnishes) and detailed analysis of accordance of printed production to the standards. Our laboratory is equipped with all the necessary facilities:

  • Ph/conductometer Mettler Toledo MPC 227
  • Mettler Toledo AG 204 Delta Range scales
  • Mettler Toledo PB 303-SDR scales
  • Pantone 1000 Color Range Pantone Formula Scale 2 –scales for ink mixing station
  • GretagMacbeth SPM-55 Spectrophotometer
  • Densitometers and glossmeters Shamrock Print 500, Vipdens 630, Vipdens 1000P and Vipdens 2000
  • Testo 600 Moisture Tester
  • FOGRA-WIKAT Print Rub Tester
  • PSC Quick-Check 150 Barcode Verificator
  • IGT C1 è Erichsen K101 Printability Tester
  • Kobb Absorption Tester
  • Vibromixer VP-01

Technical Control Department carries out current control at different stages of production process – from platemaking to packaging, checking out production accordance with common printing standards as well as customers’ requirements fulfillment.

Our strategic goal is involvement of each employee in process of quality management in order to make it comprehensive and efficient.



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