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For printing magazines and catalogues, books and calendars, posters and postcards, maps and atlases, labels and packaging and more go to Blitz-Print printing house in Kiev Ukraine. Top equipment and highest quality.
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Major Production Areas:

Label Printing
Label is the most diversified print product. In addition to standard label sizes there are a lot of original even extraordinary shapes. In order to make a label more attractive and ensure its protection, some special printing techniques are widely used incl. printing on metallized paper grades, Al-foil and foil-free stamping. Print labels are subject to further processing that requires very careful paper and inks selection to ensure label's sticking properties.
Soft packaging
No matter what kind of product is to be packed – candies, chocolates, cigarettes or soap - flexible packaging requires careful raw materials selection and, first of all, using food-suitable inks, which do not affect the product's taste and flavour.
Advertising Products

Being a crucial vehicle of any business growth, full-colour advertising products printed by Blitz-Print match the world's highest quality standards including also good informative features and emotional impact.

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