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Soft Packaging Printing

Blitz-Print produces packaging materials for the following products:

  • Confectionery: wrappers for chocolate bars, candies, biscuits
  • Cigarettes: soft packaging and inserts for cigarette boxes

Paper and inks used are allowed to contact with food products. The accordance of printed wrappers, packaging and inserts to standards is controlled with the help of odorimetric tests.

We offer to our customers wide range of technologies for wrappers embellishment:

  • Special effects that put varnish only on specific areas of a printed piece ( UV varnishing or coating with pearl ink)
  • Reverse printing with usage of coin reactive ink ( produces an invisible image that becomes visible when rubbed with the edge of a coin)
  • Embossing
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Die cutting
  • Precise cutting

Our printing house has gained considerable experience in production of tobacco box inserts very special advertising material used by tobacco companies. We created full productive complex meeting all customers requirements (equipment, space for aeration, odorimetric testing, packing etc.)

The most popular technologies used in inserts production are:

  • Collating (from 2 to 14 variants)
  • Folding
  • Die cutting
  • Numeration (up to 6 symbols)
  • Worn away foil stamping

Among our customers are such famous multinationals as Nestle, Kraft Foods, Roshen, BAT, JTI, Gallaher Group, Imperial Tobacco.

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